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Frequently Asked Questions

You should never do any remodeling tasks without a concrete plan. It is best to create one first before beginning the whole project because it will serve as your guide regarding the entire project. This will also prevent any miscalculations and overspending.

On average, homeowners pay $120 to $275 to remodel their bathrooms. The price could be higher than mentioned as the final price will depend on various elements, including the size, materials, brands, and the scope of work, such as plumbing relocation.

Many homeowners pay roughly $12 per square foot, which totals to an average cost of $1500. The price includes the materials and installation services. However, it could go higher, especially if you choose a higher-end flooring type and setting materials.

Many people use any type of tile without understanding their differences. Our experts recommend using porcelain tile as it has a higher water absorption rate than ceramic. They have high density and low moisture permeability, which are important elements in a shower room for waterproofing. And they also come in various designs and colors, giving you plenty of options.

Porcelain tiles also come in first when it comes to maintenance, especially polished or glazed porcelain tile. You can sweep the floor if you find dust, and in case they are wet, mopping it with a cleaning solution is also applicable. Remember to rinse it after cleaning and wipe it until dry to get the best results.

When you have finally created a layout for your bathroom upgrade, the first step is to remove everything installed. This includes the cabinets, countertops, vanities, mirrors, and everything inside the bathroom. Once it is clear, you can place the new layout and start installing the new fixtures for your bathroom upgrade.

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